Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Miss Particular

I try to think of words to describe our darling daughter and good things like: adorable, cute, sweet, beautiful, precious, joyous, and special all come to mind. But there are times when she is: fussy, complicated, upset, demanding, time-consuming, high-need, and exhausting. Most of the time she is also particular, which fuels the fire sometimes, unless I let it be (usually I do). She doesn't like her fingers to be held still (so much for clipping them - I tried once) so I attempt to file them when she's in a good mood and I file fast! She has never liked her diaper changed since we brought her home, nor her clothes. Diaper is okay now. Clothes are still not. She dislikes anything going over her head. She dislikes her arms being moved through a hole. She doesn't mind the lower body so much anymore though. She doesn't like her ears touched, or cleaned. She does like her bath, however, thank God. She doesn't like her face washed though. Keep in mind this is all relative. Sometimes she doesn't mind these things so much as others, sometimes we move really fast so she doesn't get upset as a result of us doing things "she doesn't like." She doesn't like her nose suctioned (okay, what baby does?). She doesn't like to be still (EVER!). She doesn't like to eat when there is noise. She likes to eat while in motion sometimes. And she doesn't like to take real naps. She cat naps all day long from about 7am to 10pm. Particular? Humph!

So.....what does she like? Ha Ha! She likes to be held. She likes to be looked at. She likes to be talked to. She likes to be smiled at. She likes to smile back. She likes it in her sling next to her mommy. She likes it when her daddy comes home to play with her. She likes watching her brothers give her attention. She likes car rides. She likes to sleep at night time. She likes to bounce. She likes to stretch. She likes to watch mobiles turn. She likes to roll around in her stroller in big malls. She likes to eat in private. She likes to coo and caa. She likes to let a person know when she is not happy: i.e. too hot, too cold, too uncomfortable, too bored... She likes to swing sometimes. She likes to be up high and see what is going on like in her reclining high chair in the kitchen. She likes her bassinet sometimes. She likes being lathered in Aquaphor (but NOTHING else). She likes wrapping her fingers around a finger and pulling herself forward. She likes her feet touched. She likes her hands touched. She likes kisses on her cheeks (thank God! I love to give those!). She loves her family and her life, I think. And her mommy just realized what she likes is longer than what she dislikes. I hope her sweet infant hood is remembered as such.

*Although I must note that even though she likes all of the above, the trick is to find out when and what. It's the fun game we play all day! :)
And I love every bit of my little miss particular.

Palm Kisses

Tonight my three month old darling daughter allowed me to plant hundreds of kisses into the palm of her hand.

It occurred between fits of rage and severe temperament (which she was experiencing) so I just wanted to remember this and how the sweet sometimes lies within the storm.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Starting New

I am beginning this blog with a confession: I currently have two other online blogs up, I write in several journals, and I have a folder for blogs I type on my laptop. So, why on earth would I need another place to blog? I figured that I would start something new because new things are happening to me. New things are always happening, I suppose, but starting something new even starts more new things to happen. So, here's to a new blog!