Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue Moment

Within the past five days four out of the five in our family have been ill. I got it fourth and I was very ill yesterday morning...then still recovering by the evening. Thankfully, the day was actually peaceful and relaxing but I still didn't feel good, just better. A friend came over to take the kids out to dinner and after they left I just sat on my front porch, relaxing.
The evening was quiet in the neighborhood. I could hear traffic a few blocks West and South of me on the busier roads. In front of me I saw the lights of a city bus go by three blocks away. This can only be seen in the winter time. Not a sound was heard on my street. It was 5:30 and still quite warm out but everyone seemed already tucked into their homes, making dinner and helping with homework. Which is what I would normally be doing too, but my day was a little different because of the circumstances, for which I felt grateful at that moment. I began to think how I really love this city I live in, my neighborhood, and my front porch. I just sat there and soaked it in and thanked God. Time moved slow, for which I was grateful. Then I realized everything was blue. A Blue Moment. And I thought, "this is what it's all about." Peace really is more than just the absence of conflict. It's the melodic joy that sings through the heart. It's beyond my understanding. And for me, it is the most beautiful shade of blue...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few updates

I haven't updated my blog in a few weeks, so I thought I would throw some interesting things in here (interesting to my life anyway!) about what we've been doing lately.
1. Handed out my last two homeless roadside kits yesterday. Two men were standing in the same area by PetSmart holding a sign. One walked away because apparently the police had been giving them a hard time for doing this (that's what one of the guys said anyway).
2. I reconnected with a dear friend this week and it was sweet.
3. Our house church family met at my house last Sunday and it was really good! I'm excited about what God is doing and what He has in store for the future!
4. I get to spend my weekdays with the most AMAZING girl in the world! (She is laying her head on my lap as I type this.) While we still have tons of "toddler mini-traumas" and I do get frustrated at times, I am most often reminded that I am extremely blessed to be able to share my days with this incredible person! She makes me laugh and wonder and be in the moment.
5. My computer may crash at any time. It has been experiencing symptoms like: black out screen, locking up, not coming back on, and moving incredibly slow. Therefore, I am making efforts to get my information off and on to storage. I haven't uploaded any pics/videos, which is HARD for me. I haven't even broken into my new camera because I feel that I need to take care of the computer issues before anything else. Highly time consuming.
6. MOPS @ FBC and Mom2Mom @ HPC are both going well. At times I do feel like I am very busy volunteering and that I'm not paying attention to the RELATIONSHIPS and OPPORTUNITIES that God puts along my path. That stings, and I need to pray more about what the future could mean. I just LOVE everything I'm involved in.
7. Both of the boys are doing good in school. One has straight A's. One has shown great effort and improvement. They are both playing Upward basketball and games start Saturday.
8. Shadee is doing great, she must be completely recovered because she is acting normal. She really needs to go to the dog salon and get a bath though, because the ones I give her just don't work long term.
9. Psalm 122. Peace is more than just the absence of conflict.