Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like a Child

Monday morning I had intended to meet a friend at a coffee shoppe to do a Video Shoot of her and her daughter for a project I am working on. Brielle was excited to meet a new friend her age and dress up in princess attire for a tea party. Needless to say, when the plans fell through, her heart broke and her first meltdown incurred - complete with alligator tears and tantrum cries). I tried to comfort her- to no avail. I knew it was upsetting. What she had thought would happen - wasn't going to. Don't we all hate that? It took her some time to process that our plans were changing and adjust to the new plan (which was go to the park for awhile) but she was okay. When we got to the park (at 8am) there was no one else there and she really wanted me to play with her and be her "friend." So, I played "friend." I had to think and act like a little girl to play the part and let me tell you there was a lot of joyful squealing involved. How much fun children have! They RUN to swings and burst with delight at flying through the air. They climb and jump and hold hands and help each other. They ENJOY being together and playing. It's quite amazing actually, something I know that I easily overpass in lieu of resting on a bench and talking. I forget to play.
Brielle taught me how to cross these rope platforms also, which I could not photograph, because it was a lot harder to do than she makes it look!

We enjoyed a snack atop the tower:

Later that morning she saw the situation redeemed as another friend we were filming in the project offered to host a princess tea party. God has a plan...and though I'm sure he taught Brielle something about Life's Interuptions, he really showed me what it feels to be a child again.

Joyful. Giddy. Enthusiastic. Playful. Loving. Kind. Sweet. Free. Innocent. Beautiful.

And eventually...we dropped the truck off at Will's work and took the bus home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today is my first day home - to stay at home all day - in what feels like weeks. Once every couple of weeks my whole family sleeps under one roof. The next day, someone leaves to spend a week with their grandparents in Arkansas. It alternately feels hectic and then lacking. Routine gets boring for me, but I wish now that I had some semblance of it. Is semblance a word? It just came out of nowhere. I try to keep a routine of waking up early and jogging. One day last week I was jogging and just kept going - two miles straight - and I thought, "who am I?" There was a time that waking up that early just seemed so unreasonable...and that my 1.8 mile walk seemed long. Now it still sometimes feels less than desirable to wake up - but when I get out there I love it! The cooler breeze, the birds singing, no traffic, and the best - the rising sun! I pray, for as long as I feel necessary, and then I put my ear buds in and jog. Now that jog is looking more like a run, but it's taking some time. It's a journey, and I've found that carving out these mornings in this way helps me to think, to breathe, to learn something about myself and God. Sometimes it is better than others, but it's always worth it.
Today I am baking bread - Honey Wheat Buns - in the bread machine.
I've also been working on my necklaces. I'm excited that I have an order that I didn't even advertise for. I've been praying a lot -- asking God to show me where it is He wants me to spend my energy the most...and how OR what would I do to give Him the glory most. There are so many friends that I want to spend time with, and so many things I want to do around my house (clean out projects & makeovers) or with my hobbies (writing, crafting, marketing, maybe selling) but I don't know how my time should be most wisely spent.
And that is just my free time...because I'm committed to a few things too. LOL
1) My family, of course
2) Missional Intentional Neighborhood Community (this is just starting off)
3) MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) - as Audio/Visual gal
These wonderful things are already absorbing enough of my time right now.
God, show me how to let go of the things that are less important and raise up the things that are. Help me to recognize that just taking time to play outside with my kids could be the single most important thing I do all day, or giving my husband a shoulder massage, or calling a dear friend...even if we haven't spoken in awhile. Prepare me for each divine occasion of Your choosing- and to greet it with the same zeal and love as that of greeting You each morning as I run into Your glorious artwork that we call the Sunrise.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where I'm going with this

I often think of this blog and the ideas that I would love to write in here. I think of all of the empty pages in my journals as well. I think of the books I read, the adventures my family experiences, and the things I learn - I want to share them with you. I think of the adventurous missions that my family connection of believers are about to embark upon - how I'd love to share about that! Priorities, priorities, priorities -- how I have to constantly redefine and organize them into their proper place.
What I am thinking is of working two blogs. I know that sounds insane - to me! since I don't do a great job of keeping this one up. But I may eventually just narrow it down to one blog in the end. I'd like to write for other venues also. But here I can practice, and thank YOU for patiently letting me.
This blog will be more like a reflection on the thoughts that I have about the activities that I am involved in and our daily life around the home front. I am excited about that because it is easy...or at least I think it will be! It may not be the most profound reading that you will participate in - but it will be real and honest.
My other blog will be more information on what I am doing and less about my family and home life. I hope that it works, but if not, that is okay too. I am ALWAYS up for new adventures and trying new things! Here's to blogging!