Sunday, September 4, 2011

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Light Box

As you must know, I am moving...For awhile I will keep redirecting posts to my new blog Unearthed Roots.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here I go

Well, I am starting to recognize a little more when my life starts getting too full. I love full! And I love the idea of writing my journal entries on this blog...then writing another blog full of thoughts of gardening, missional community, parenting, lifestyle changes, and craftiness involvement. But that's a LOT of computer time for me, and I think you understand. My posts will now be at my new blog: UnearthedRoots, which is also the name of my new Etsy store, but don't worry- I'm not going to be trying to sell anything to anyone. I promise! I don't even like selling. I might share what I'm doing or working on and get opinions, but that's the extent of it.

I've been designing, crafting, and producing products for years now... and I've been testing them for awhile now too...and they seem to be holding up. SO...I'm going to offer them for sale - and if they do - what a blessing! And if they don't...that's okay too :) I craft because I love it. It's in my blood - just like writing is. I like to share my crafting and my writing with others, which is why I only have time for one blog now. I hope it is a blog that inspires you. If you want to know my thoughts on things, they may be at Unearthed Roots, or you can just call me!

I will also leave BlueMoments up for at least a year to reference certain posts. See you at UnearthedRoots!!!!

Brielle's BlastBall! Picture! Isn't she so cute???

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like a Child

Monday morning I had intended to meet a friend at a coffee shoppe to do a Video Shoot of her and her daughter for a project I am working on. Brielle was excited to meet a new friend her age and dress up in princess attire for a tea party. Needless to say, when the plans fell through, her heart broke and her first meltdown incurred - complete with alligator tears and tantrum cries). I tried to comfort her- to no avail. I knew it was upsetting. What she had thought would happen - wasn't going to. Don't we all hate that? It took her some time to process that our plans were changing and adjust to the new plan (which was go to the park for awhile) but she was okay. When we got to the park (at 8am) there was no one else there and she really wanted me to play with her and be her "friend." So, I played "friend." I had to think and act like a little girl to play the part and let me tell you there was a lot of joyful squealing involved. How much fun children have! They RUN to swings and burst with delight at flying through the air. They climb and jump and hold hands and help each other. They ENJOY being together and playing. It's quite amazing actually, something I know that I easily overpass in lieu of resting on a bench and talking. I forget to play.
Brielle taught me how to cross these rope platforms also, which I could not photograph, because it was a lot harder to do than she makes it look!

We enjoyed a snack atop the tower:

Later that morning she saw the situation redeemed as another friend we were filming in the project offered to host a princess tea party. God has a plan...and though I'm sure he taught Brielle something about Life's Interuptions, he really showed me what it feels to be a child again.

Joyful. Giddy. Enthusiastic. Playful. Loving. Kind. Sweet. Free. Innocent. Beautiful.

And eventually...we dropped the truck off at Will's work and took the bus home.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today is my first day home - to stay at home all day - in what feels like weeks. Once every couple of weeks my whole family sleeps under one roof. The next day, someone leaves to spend a week with their grandparents in Arkansas. It alternately feels hectic and then lacking. Routine gets boring for me, but I wish now that I had some semblance of it. Is semblance a word? It just came out of nowhere. I try to keep a routine of waking up early and jogging. One day last week I was jogging and just kept going - two miles straight - and I thought, "who am I?" There was a time that waking up that early just seemed so unreasonable...and that my 1.8 mile walk seemed long. Now it still sometimes feels less than desirable to wake up - but when I get out there I love it! The cooler breeze, the birds singing, no traffic, and the best - the rising sun! I pray, for as long as I feel necessary, and then I put my ear buds in and jog. Now that jog is looking more like a run, but it's taking some time. It's a journey, and I've found that carving out these mornings in this way helps me to think, to breathe, to learn something about myself and God. Sometimes it is better than others, but it's always worth it.
Today I am baking bread - Honey Wheat Buns - in the bread machine.
I've also been working on my necklaces. I'm excited that I have an order that I didn't even advertise for. I've been praying a lot -- asking God to show me where it is He wants me to spend my energy the most...and how OR what would I do to give Him the glory most. There are so many friends that I want to spend time with, and so many things I want to do around my house (clean out projects & makeovers) or with my hobbies (writing, crafting, marketing, maybe selling) but I don't know how my time should be most wisely spent.
And that is just my free time...because I'm committed to a few things too. LOL
1) My family, of course
2) Missional Intentional Neighborhood Community (this is just starting off)
3) MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) - as Audio/Visual gal
These wonderful things are already absorbing enough of my time right now.
God, show me how to let go of the things that are less important and raise up the things that are. Help me to recognize that just taking time to play outside with my kids could be the single most important thing I do all day, or giving my husband a shoulder massage, or calling a dear friend...even if we haven't spoken in awhile. Prepare me for each divine occasion of Your choosing- and to greet it with the same zeal and love as that of greeting You each morning as I run into Your glorious artwork that we call the Sunrise.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where I'm going with this

I often think of this blog and the ideas that I would love to write in here. I think of all of the empty pages in my journals as well. I think of the books I read, the adventures my family experiences, and the things I learn - I want to share them with you. I think of the adventurous missions that my family connection of believers are about to embark upon - how I'd love to share about that! Priorities, priorities, priorities -- how I have to constantly redefine and organize them into their proper place.
What I am thinking is of working two blogs. I know that sounds insane - to me! since I don't do a great job of keeping this one up. But I may eventually just narrow it down to one blog in the end. I'd like to write for other venues also. But here I can practice, and thank YOU for patiently letting me.
This blog will be more like a reflection on the thoughts that I have about the activities that I am involved in and our daily life around the home front. I am excited about that because it is easy...or at least I think it will be! It may not be the most profound reading that you will participate in - but it will be real and honest.
My other blog will be more information on what I am doing and less about my family and home life. I hope that it works, but if not, that is okay too. I am ALWAYS up for new adventures and trying new things! Here's to blogging!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back on FB

No, I didn't cave.
I've been feeling & knowing for awhile now that I could probably reopen my FB account. With limits. Limits. Whew, those are hard. I mean, I just barely opened my account and already wanted to talk to everyone and look at all of their family pictures and post all of mine and........... lah lah lah, oh wow.......... have I been lingering on FB for an hour already? No way, I was only going to spend like 10 minutes. OKay, I cut myself some 'coming back' slack and justified it that long distance family & friends want to see updated pictures of cute & growing kiddos. But after all of this reconnecting is done, then enough! :) lol
12 minutes a day, four days a week. I know me - and my tendencies - and I need boundaries! Thank you God for giving us good and wonderful things - and thank you that while they are not 'off limits' -they never beneficial when over indulging in them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Joy of Less = Minimalism

So, I know I mentioned before that I was reading "the joy of less," which I lost, though thankfully was loaned. ...Because the journey into freeing myself of "stuff" has been -so far- amazing!!!

I made a plan with the plates, bowls, & cups. Their days are numbered. I did keep some of these things. I committed at Goodwill last Wednesday- when I decided to color-code my family's in-home dining experiences. Hmmmm? What does that mean? Well, I had this crazy idea

that each member of our household have ONE cup, ONE bowl, and yes, ONE plate.

Would it work? Well, these photos are now 1 1/2 weeks old and I'm just now getting around to putting them out here, so that allows me to tell you that YES, it does! I have not even needed to use the dishwasher since I did this. Yes, there are times when it's a little inconvenient to wash a bowl or plate or cup - but C'mon! It's not like we have to walk a half mile to the village well to get the water! So---so far so good. If you are a potential future dinner guest - have no fear - I have saved a special set just for you. But I will not be telling anyone else where that is just yet!

Here's to less "stuff" and more freedom.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I Like Public Transportation

There was once a time when I really thought it was a strange idea to take the bus anywhere, especially when you own a car! I don't know if I thought it was beneath me or what, but I'm ashamed. And slowly, I am coming to love all of the benefits of public transportation (and YES, there are many! -well, seven as of right now).

#1 It has not yet lost its appeal to Brielle. Being the social butterfly that she is - she loves the walk outside to the bus and being on the bus with other people - fully able to look out her window at the world around her.

#2 The bus costs $3.00 round trip and $3.50 to ride all day. There is no way I can compete with that in gas prices they way they are now, with my current gas-guzzler (which we have owned for nine years). A trip to anywhere - downtown - or Wilma Rudolph - is $3.50 round trip in the Durango (and considering I have to take him to work and return to pick up if I want the vehicle for the day --- it begins to really add up).

We meet new people every time we ride the bus. And just last week we got on and Brielle's former preschool teacher was riding on the same bus! So, you just never know! Also, last week we met someone on her way to a job interview and was able to encourage her as she was stepping off the bus at the location. We are also getting to know the various bus drivers and most are super-friendly and helpful.

Above: Brielle walking home from the bus dropping us off.

#3 We get outside. We are walking - and paying attention to the weather, our neighborhood, and God. We are aware of Him in that time.

#4 We learn preparation and packing lightly for taking the bus.

#5 We learn patience by waiting for the bus.

#6 We feel a connection to others who are on the bus just as we are, trying to go someplace too.

#7 It goes without saying, but taking the bus is environmentally responsible. The bus is traveling its route anyway and we are all just carpooling together on it.
So, what do you think? Could you do it? Or have you already?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Follow me through pictures

Definetly a Blue Moment below. Elise's Graduation Party! She received her Masters!!!

Brielle, photography:

Civitan Park:

After a hard-working Blastball! practice:

I couldn't wait until daylight was earlier and the kids were out of school so I could start walking/jogging in the mornings again. LOVE meeting the rising sun each morning!


Along with the boys' and Will's help - I'm coaching Brielle's Blastball team. Ha! SEVEN three year-olds! I totally thought I could handle it fine, and God is showing me, "Not in your own strength!" :) Lovely lesson to relearn, of course. The kids are unique little individuals and I love them all. This is a whole new level of patience, however. Go Rockets!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Flag Guardian and Princess of the Mulch Pile

Well, we braved it - camping in the rain - and I have to say that we survived! The good news is that not ONE child complained or even noticed that the weather was drab - even saying things such as (and I quote) "This is a great place to go camp!" (I'm not sure any adult agreed on that one) and "This weather? What? It's called camping people!" (another actual quote from a second source). The great thing I think we all agreed on was that it was fun to be out there together - far enough removed from our everyday - and to play games like kickball & volleyball. A little competition didn't hurt us (well.........actually, no - never mind).
Behold: The Flag Guardian and Princess of the Mulch Pile

When we returned the boys finished up their last week of the school year. So fast! I know summer is going to fly by too - and I just can't say how excited I am to spend it with them! I feel as if the days, weeks, months, & years are now fleeting - like we are on some kind of downward slope to them flying the nest. Well, probably because it's true. I want to enjoy this summer with my three children still hanging out (in and around) our family nest. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and frustrated with the chaos, the reminders, the clean ups - that I forget that this is supposed to be enjoyable! This is our family time - a fleeting time - that I hope we all recall with great thoughts,memories, and an overwhelming nostalgia of happiness.
God, help me to remember this throughout each and every day of this summer. Help me to recognize oppurtunities to teach and guide my children and give me the tools and wisdom for each specific moment. I know each child you have given us is uniquely designed by You. Help us to let each be themselves, to encourage them, and to provide them a place where they feel comfortable and can grow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Handmade Portraits: Greg Beauchamp

Random acts of God, most likely, led me to this video this morning. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did.

Handmade Portraits: Greg Beauchamp a.k.a. Beauchamping from Etsy on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our first Carnival Cruise!

Well, we are off the boat, but that doesn't seem to cure the sense of rocking that won't go away! I hope I stop trying to balance out soon enough because it's weird to feel like you are rocking on a ship - when you aren't. It was weird enough on the ship! lol

The ship was pretty much what I expected it to be: rocky, crowded, and loud. And a few things I didn't expect: tasty food, cleanliness, and helpful workers everywhere.
*Please note that this the ship and the excursion adventures were free to us, so I'm looking at the whole thing through that lens. Will's employer's monitoring station SentryNet offered a promotion that involved earning points to take this cruise, so that is how it came to be.

Every evening the cruisers aboard would scurry back to their cabins around 5p or 6p to get dressed up and make their way to fine dining (which I could only affirm the coffee on - after our first night dining there in casual attire). We never returned, partly because we weren't ever really that hungry, and partly because (as you see above) this was the time to be relaxing on the deck in peace and quiet watching the sunset! I seriously felt like we (and a few others) were privy to some special knowledge that a salad and sunset in our regular clothes on the deck outside was a far better way to spend the evening than the fine dining on the other end of the ship. But some people liked it the other way, and I was grateful for that too, because it gave us more space to b r e a t h e! :)

If you know me and my love for the ocean, you know I was LOVING this! If I had one word tattooed on my mind it was "E S C A P E." No cell phone. No email. No chores. No other people to have to tend to. Just me. It was crazy! I just had to think about me (and occasionally Will). After 15 years of being a mom, this was the first time I'd ever experienced this (in this way). Will can testify that I didn't worry about our kids at all (likely because I knew they were in my mom's capable care!). I just relaxed and escaped for a few days. Thank you big boat sailing far away. Thank you God!!!!

Will didn't really like going to the high parts of the ship or near the edge anywhere, but I loved those places. At night there were certain places that I could see the stars perfectly. It felt so close to the Creator of it all. I often wondered why He chose to create so much water! I just wanted to dive into it! (not in the way that would end my life)

The Carnival Elation: when it ported in Cozumel, Mexico

Shore Excursion below: Playa Maya Beach Break Deluxe, where we did actually get to swim in the ocean - it was beautiful. There were fish and it was clear and refreshing!

On the last day of our cruise while we waited for disembarkation:

I am still swaying as I try to recall the feelings and thoughts I had while aboard. What I most loved about it was the "no technology" thing. Being connected, of course, has its many benefits. But getting away (with no signals) and forced to be disconnected, was something I hadn't expected to be such a blessing.

I got up one morning to run on the treadmill in the gym (which has windows looking out over the ocean) and then another morning to walk on the outdoor track (which is on the highest deck) and literally thought, "God, this is beautiful! Thank You for creating all of this and giving me an opportunity to soak it in!"

I did have to work hard to keep my balance, and I did fall off the treadmill. I had wondered why so many people were holding on while running! But the joy of being able to do things I wanted to do and put music in my ears that reminded me of the gifts of God, far exceeded the rocking feeling that I am unsure will disappear. hahaha When asked if I would do it again? For free...Yes! :) I might pay for one too, the jury is still out on that one though. I'm just thankful we got to go!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on facebook and minimalism

Currently I am reading two books simultaneously. Okay, well honestly it's more like ten books that I'm reading simultaneously. I don't usually do this with fiction books, but I've been on a fiction hiatus for awhile now, so I'm only reading non-fiction. Back to the two books that are similar. One was written/compiled over 40 years by a Mennonite woman who died of cancer at a very young age. I found it at Goodwill an it is entitled, "Living More with Less." by Doris Janzen Longacre. It is out of print and it looks like there are two copies left on However, if you'd like to borrow it, I can lend it to you. It is AMAZING how her thoughts and many peoples' contributed suggestions, experiences, and ideas are relative today! She was truly pioneering a movement that may have caught on, but as far as I know sat dormant for 40 years (in our consumeristic society) and now seems to be relevant again! Or maybe it's just me? Regardless, there is another book currently released entitled The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay. I found it on one of my favorite blogs: Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. So far, it's great! However, I haven't started putting anything into "practice" yet. LOL! I'll let you know then. So, that blog referred to other minimalist living blogs. I didn't want to chase rabbit trails, but I did discover a post within the Miss Minimalist blog that resonated with me as I've been thinking about reopening a Facebook account. You time as gone on over the past four to five months I have lost my resolve about why I closed the account in the first place and I am feeling fully justified in reopening my FB account, not because I feel that disconnected with my friends, but because I have been wondering if they fee disconnected with me? But the truth is that REAL connection takes EFFORT. FB is easy, that's why we all love it. We can send a quick, "how are you?" and wahlah, we are done. Yes, it came from the heart, we truly wanted to know, etc... But in my own non-FB experience I have not really made as many efforts to CALL someone to see how they are, or send them a card in the (gasp) mail. I haven't slowed my life to involve others like I thought I would, or made the conscience effort. So, it is easy for me to say that the NO FB thing failed and I'm just going to jump back onto the social cyber-wagon. Until I ran across this post today: And it really reminded me of why I made the choice I did. Instead of giving up, I know that instead I need to make more intentional efforts. I'm not against Internet socialization. In fact, I was experiencing the benefits of it long before Facebook and Sparkpeople. I learned about non-punitive discipline back in 2001 on an AOL Debate Forum. I lost 27lbs with the help of an online Support group in 2002. There is help and information all over the cyber world. However, the way things currently are at an INSTANT pace, I'm not sure the point isn't flying right over my head. I mean, who really wants to look at pictures from last month. That is so old news. And that's fine. But it takes energy and time to keep up.

And seeing as how I'm learning about this whole minimalist living thing....maybe too much clutter physically and mentally can truly be hazardous to a free life? I'm curious.
What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zipline if you ever get the chance

There is a video of me zip lining, but until I can edit 1/2 of it I will have to hold off on posting it. So, below you see my friend Tiff soaring through the air. It was a first time for zip lining for many of us (not Tiff) and I would highly recommend it.

While our house church network is currently planning a Missional Community, we were able to Retreat for the weekend in order to focus, prepare, and discuss what this missional community will look like.

My whole family went for the day and it was truly a blessing for us all. The boys and I loved the Zip line. Will enjoyed fishing. Brielle, well she just enjoyed being among it all - her very favorite place to be - with other people - especially outdoors. Come to think of it, she is a great example of someone being "on mission." When I tried to lay down with her for her nap out there (outside on the deck) she said, "let's pray." (note: I do not pray with her regularly at rest times) She just surprises me. I think she wore Will out half way through the morning.

Three foot, thirty pounds, three years old. And full of passion.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is coming

Brielle's hair is getting longer. I have always said (for 13 years) that I was fortunate not to have to "do" a girl's hair! Nevermind me, SHE was fortunate. Then, I began practicing when Brielle's hair required it, and well, it actually became fun. The thing I thought I'd hate to do.
She's jumped on the cereal wagon, just like her male examples in our home. She has to use soymilk (or her skin breaks out) but she's not "allergic" to dairy.
Today is first day of Spring (I think). It's a perfect first day. It is 78 outside, the windows are open and the breeze is flowing through our house. Brielle enjoyed jumping on the trampoline this afternoon with her neighbor friend. She loves life and people so much. She enjoys watching Caillou off of Netflix. At the end of some of the episodes Caillou says that when he grows up he wants to be just like Daddy or Mommy. So Brielle has picked up on saying that too and I return the compliment by saying, "when I grow up I want to be just like Brielle." And I do mean that in a way. Of course I want the wisdom that can only be gained by time and going through the many learning experiences I've had...I want to have that growth. But at the same time I want to receive life and the kingdom of God like a child. She LOVES life and people. She finds joy in bubbles, sunshine, family, friends (everyone is a friend - but she sure has begun to treasure those she has seen more often), going some place, being close to her Mommy, Daddy, brothers...
The Little Children and Jesus
13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.

She finds joy in things that are not material and she never worries about her needs being met. How can I watch her and not want to be at least like that about her? Ahhh...sweet love.
Josh and Tyler spend most nice hours of the day outdoors playing basketball. I hear Josh now has his iPod connected to speakers out there now and they are listening to that while they play. His friend from school is over now too. Earlier they were in the kitchen reviewing the Drivers' Permit information across the table. His friend goes for the test tomorrow. Josh has definitely asked about his. I savor this. It is a great joy of my life to watch him become his own guy.
Tyler, ever perceptive, is always learning and sharing his knowledge and information with me. I let him educate me (mostly), even if the subject is less than interesting (to me). I like watching the way he contemplates situations and his surroundings. He is very thoughtful and likes to shares his opinions. He offers many suggestions and calls me out on things occasionally, and I try to take it in stride, but ya know....I have to make sure it isn't saturated in bad attitude. Ah, but we all have attitude from time to time. Tyler is the "keeper of Fair." I like when he notices my inconsistencies and brings them to my attention (in the long run). Ha!
We've been softball practicing. It's nice outside and I love it. The dogwoods are blooming like big puffs of snow balls, and on bike rides I can take in their splendor a little more slowly. But I'm puffing harder with that trailer on the back that Brielle rides in. That's fine though, I need the exercise, and we need this economical way to get to the store. Yesterday, we all took a bike ride to the store. Yes, that is Will included. It was quite enjoyable. The trees in my backyard have not yet budded. That is like me. Just waiting. Being patient. Spring sometimes comes slowly, but doesn't mean that it isn't still pleasant to watch coming.

This Blog

So, I've been praying and thinking about this blog a lot. I've been wondering what it is supposed to be. I don't really know, but I keep thinking that most practically it would be great if it were somewhat of a Keepsake Blog. Like, if it could be made into a memory book, it would make a great keepsake for my kids or grandkids one day (or generations to come). So, with that in mind, that is what I'm going to attempt.........I'm not quite sure that is how it is going to look, but I like the idea of recording life somehow.

If Google ever goes down.....hmmmm.....maybe I should not give up scrapbooking! :)

Tyler's Birthday

Tyler actually got to experience a little of 2 mini birthdays! On his actual birthday he and I went to Dunkin Donuts for an after-school treat, then to GameStop. For dinner, his dad took him to his choice: Captain D's. :) Then, Friday (two days later) we picked up Tyler's cousins and headed to JumpZone where, fortunately, they didn't trample over all of the little guys there. They had a blast as you can see below:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Josh's Birthday Pictures

Our neigbors (Kaitlyn & Christina) baked Josh a giant cookie and brought it over. So nice!!!

I found this great blog with this great recipe for (Not) Fried Ice Cream below. It was HUGE hit!

He made a wish, but we don't know what it was. :)

Happy Birthday Josh!!!

We spent the evening at the APSU basketball game. I think Josh really enjoyed himself!