Monday, April 20, 2009

Our adventure in pictures

Okay, who can believe that when Will, Brielle, and I went camping we forgot our PILLOWS???? That was really ironic, since I was the LIST QUEEN. Ah, so much for that. Brielle LOVED camping!!!
She just kept wanting to explore:

My favorite picture:

The boys are back from Grandparents' house in Arkansas:
That was the end of Spring Break.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I've been thinking about:

Well, I finally planted a few things in my garden, with the help of my good friend Tiffany. Fortunately she knows a lot about what to plant, when to plant it, and where to locate it in the garden arena. It was fun, very hands in the dirt, and gritty. I am excited, but skeptical still.
Our trip to Arkansas went well. We didn’t get to go camping there because of the weather conditions but I did have a great time seeing my friends there and visiting with my Gramma and my Grandma. I learn more about their histories and heritage every time I visit them and I find that to be both fascinating and important. Sometimes I have to admit more than I want to: the importance of an older mentor in my life is sorely lacking. I try to keep my antennas up for one of these ladies entering into my life (preferably she’d be local) but our society is just not set up this way, and many people just don’t really think about the idea. Sometimes I just want someone to show me how to cook something or how to crochet or whatever, but maybe I’m not being as open as I’d like to think and I know, I know…I am generally busy most of the time.
Which brings me to another theory I’ve been thinking on a lot lately: electronics. Televisions, computers, video games, music devices, cell phones, etc… they really get in the way. Oh we THINK we are better for them and couldn’t live without them and blah, blah, blah. But in all honesty some days I wish I could just trash them all. And then just get on with life in REAL TIME.
I finally finished The Shack. Great book. Read it if you haven’t. I am still thinking on the thoughts and ideas laid out in that book. Especially this one: If anything matters, it all matters. That’s deep! and yet, so simple.
As I type this I am sitting on my front porch tuning in to Spring arriving around me while Brielle sleeps away her afternoon nap in the car. Yes, I know, I’m typing on my laptop, the item I just said I want to junk sometimes. Hate it and love it, I do. Just another confusing topic, I suppose. If it weren’t for yours you wouldn’t be reading this either, I presume. But I’d sure appreciate sharing our lives together in other ways too, ya know. It’s just that society isn’t set up like that. How hard it must be to break through that when one becomes so used to it. Why can’t we all just live like the Amish (without their hardcore religious beliefs though)? I know, the grass is always greener.
Guess I’ll just have to make efforts where I can, and go CAMPING more often!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few nice days

In March, who knew? Sometimes the high would be 35 and other times it would be 71. Who knew? So here are a few photos of those nicer Tennessee:

In Arkansas: