Sunday, April 25, 2010

the unexpected fall

It is amazing what a person can learn in 24 hours. Yesterday, I slipped and fell on the way into Big Lots. It had just begun to rain and it looked like a downpour was about to follow. I started jogging, Will & Tyler ahead of me. I was laughing at myself.
Until I hit the slick ramp before the entrance in to the store.
I went down on my right knee. My left ankle twisted in confusion and I felt my right quadricep muscle tear. I didn't want to move it hurt so bad. But since Will informed me that the clerks were staring at me I moved to the side, super mad that that had just happened. I hobbled around the store with the cart to aid me, but I wanted to go home. We stopped at Walgreens and I thought I could hobble in and use my few coupons, but as soon as I got out of the truck I could barely stand on my left ankle.
We came home and I looked up both injuries on the Internet. RICE for both (Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevation). I began doing that. Will had to help me up when I needed to use the bathroom. My left ankle hurt so bad that I had to put most of my weight onto him to help me. When I sat back down I thought, "I can't live like this for however long!" "I can't do anything!"
I tried to think of things that I could do, but I kept getting frustrated at how badly I was hurt.
An hour or so later I limped outside to sit on the porch. Will helped me back in and I asked him, "what am I going to do?" He smiled at me and said, "It's going to heal. You're going to get better. It just takes time." I felt like he was crazy! How fast could this possibly heal so that I could get around on my own? I cried silently a little.
After awhile I began to really focus on the the good things I could think of, and what I really could do during my time of rest. Here are a few:
1-my legs still work and so do my arms, hands, and senses
2-I have lots of helping, caring, and sensitive people in my home that are my family
3-this is NOT the worst thing that could have happened
4-we could play a board game
5-I can read a book
6-I can (and did) read short stories of laughter to my kids
7-I can type and connect with others on my laptop
8-it feels nice to relax next to a window that has a nice breeze flowing into it
9-I still have free song credits that I can download
10-I know God will use this experience
I think that in some ways I can relate to others who get hurt now. I know I can appreciate the things that I took for granted being able to do. And I can observe and delight in my family members more than before. Also, it's been amazing to witness God's speedy healing. Yesterday, I thought walking would not be an option for awhile. Today I am able to get around on my own. And it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, honestly.