Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Montgomery Bell State Park

We had been there once before, but this time drove to another area where SURPRISE! there was more to the park than we had thought! I would love to spend more time hiking this area and there are GREAT TRAILS to be hiked!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

keeping me on my toes

No one wants to be lukewarm in their faith, even though it may disguise itself as being a much safer, calmer place to be. When that happens though, there are generally three subsequent events: 1) staying lukewarm for indefinite period of time 2) self-motivating oneself to find the lost passion 3) a good boost into passionate faith by another source, be it a frustration, something through another person, or a challenge.
I guess any of these three can happen to me, but I usually get a boost from somewhere.
Of my kids, Tyler is the one who challenges me. He questions everything and I am amazed at his logical trepidation. Josh has always just accepted and trusted what is told him (this can be a negative thing at times), but Tyler really keeps me on my toes. I think he truly believes in God, as I sense his wonder and amazement of Him. But, there are times that he openly challenges the "what if?" or the "but how?"
Most recently he said, "I don't get it. If we can't see God, how can we believe in Him? How do we know He is there? And, if He is able to be everywhere at once, then why can't He just appear to each of us so that we are no longer confused?"
Wow. Okay.
My response (totally winging it- such as what happens with these sorts of things): "Those are great questions Tyler. I've wondered them too. Right now I'm being reminded of when Jesus appeared to His Followers after the resurrection. He told Thomas, 'you see me and you believe. how blessed are those who believe in me without seeing me.'" I probably jumbled it up, but I think it made sense. How much faith kids have! And yet for some, they question faith altogether. Just like adults, if I can't see it how do I know it's there. That challenges me to wonder all over again, who is this God I serve? And I definitely begin to feel passionate, which totally ROCKS.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September and October

Well, we all got wet that game, but no one was as muddy as Tyler!

On the day of Football Jamboree:
Asleep on the 2 minute ride from our house to the grocery store:
Cheese smile:
She literally put her glasses on TO fall asleep (which happened right after I snapped this picture with my phone:

The rainbow over Lana's house after our gathering:
Trying to shoo the cat out of our truck before we leave!

The best temperatured day EVER:

At Joshua's football game: