Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Light Box

As you must know, I am moving...For awhile I will keep redirecting posts to my new blog Unearthed Roots.

Unearthed Roots

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here I go

Well, I am starting to recognize a little more when my life starts getting too full. I love full! And I love the idea of writing my journal entries on this blog...then writing another blog full of thoughts of gardening, missional community, parenting, lifestyle changes, and craftiness involvement. But that's a LOT of computer time for me, and I think you understand. My posts will now be at my new blog: UnearthedRoots, which is also the name of my new Etsy store, but don't worry- I'm not going to be trying to sell anything to anyone. I promise! I don't even like selling. I might share what I'm doing or working on and get opinions, but that's the extent of it.

I've been designing, crafting, and producing products for years now... and I've been testing them for awhile now too...and they seem to be holding up. SO...I'm going to offer them for sale - and if they do - what a blessing! And if they don't...that's okay too :) I craft because I love it. It's in my blood - just like writing is. I like to share my crafting and my writing with others, which is why I only have time for one blog now. I hope it is a blog that inspires you. If you want to know my thoughts on things, they may be at Unearthed Roots, or you can just call me!

I will also leave BlueMoments up for at least a year to reference certain posts. See you at UnearthedRoots!!!!

Brielle's BlastBall! Picture! Isn't she so cute???