Monday, April 4, 2011

Zipline if you ever get the chance

There is a video of me zip lining, but until I can edit 1/2 of it I will have to hold off on posting it. So, below you see my friend Tiff soaring through the air. It was a first time for zip lining for many of us (not Tiff) and I would highly recommend it.

While our house church network is currently planning a Missional Community, we were able to Retreat for the weekend in order to focus, prepare, and discuss what this missional community will look like.

My whole family went for the day and it was truly a blessing for us all. The boys and I loved the Zip line. Will enjoyed fishing. Brielle, well she just enjoyed being among it all - her very favorite place to be - with other people - especially outdoors. Come to think of it, she is a great example of someone being "on mission." When I tried to lay down with her for her nap out there (outside on the deck) she said, "let's pray." (note: I do not pray with her regularly at rest times) She just surprises me. I think she wore Will out half way through the morning.

Three foot, thirty pounds, three years old. And full of passion.

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