Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Who knew that a little flour and water could entertain her for SO long? Btw, she was still getting accustomed to the toilet this day, so that is the reason for the attire.
Two of her favorite friends at Big Lots. Never noticed they were there before this.
Wait a second, who is calling?

Passed out in the morning! Potty training is hard work:
Talking to Grandma on the bluetooth.
She decided to be nice and "take Shadee her food to her on her bed...."

Rounded the corner at Dollar Tree, following her and this is what I found:

She gets a little bored while I'm shopping, so she has to create her own fun:
My little tree-hugger!

Almost, but not yet.

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Tiff said...

Tim's comment about Brielle earlier..."I don't think she could be any cuter than what she already is." :)