Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nashville Trip of fun places to go!

Tiffany and Brielle are excited to be at the Downtown Farmers' Market in Nashville for the first time. This is a very cool place to go, you should check it out, especially since they have probably gotten larger since it is Spring. But don't go there BEFORE you check out Downtown Market here in Clarksville, TN!!!

Our first trip to Trader Joe's. They have the cutest shopping carts for kids with "parent controls" ha! They also have samples and the coffee was so good (and on sale) that I had to buy some, despite the fact that it was not fair trade.

Our first time to eat at Panera Bread. The broccoli cheese soup and bread impressed me, actually.

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Donna said...

Trader Joes & Panera (known as St. Louis Bread Company where we came from) were two fun places we used to go to in St. Louis. Panera DOES have the best broccoli and cheese soup -- great for dipping bread into!