Friday, August 8, 2008

Brielle crawls

So...I typed up this whole LONG blog on the day that Brielle turned 8 months old. Now, only 10 days later, her *newest* news seems not so exciting that she is crawling, climbing, standing up and yes, even sometimes cruising around. Go figure. She can even drink out of a folded over straw. She can wave, and yap, and still is just as social of a baby as I've ever seen, smiling at everyone. I have 292 pictures to load from my camcorder and another 64 from my phone, but it seems everything revolves around a cord here for all of that...which seem to disappear???

Anyway, most important is the video, which documents Brielle on August 1, 2008 crawling the farthest she'd ever yet crawled at that point. It's SO cute! Praise God for camcorders! Might take awhile to load, I didn't know how to edit off the end of it...and didn't have time to find out.

The boys both went back to school today, so maybe I will get the chance to blog more?
Speaking of praising God, I think babies know how to do that, for real. Brielle stands up to this little wicker box in the center of the living room floor and with one hand up in the air just "bada BADA Bah DAH BaA!" PRAISE JESUS! is what I think all that means. Either that or she's going to be a public speaker and she's already practicing on her "soapbox." Either way, I'm still praying she'll be praising the One who made her such an amazing little JOY!!!!!!!

Enjoy the video:

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