Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cracker toast to Nine Months

It's official. Today Brielle has lived outside of the womb just as long as she lived inside. Wow. So, while I was eating a snack cracker for an afternoon snack, I decided to give her one to see what she would do with it (shove it all in or take gummed bites). She took a couple of gummed off bites, noticed I was holding a snack cracker too, and touched hers with mine a few times. So as to say, "cheers. we made it." or "wow. we're both eating one!" Either way, it was incredibly cute. Okay, so here are the pictures and below them I typed some thoughts about her:
Jazz on the lawn
she loves junk mail!
a hobby lobby mirror

Walmartthanks Grandma and PopPop in NJ for bubble wrap!Cousin Archer was really good at pushing her at Austin's 7th birthday party!Playing peek-a-boo under the kitchen tablethis girl will NOT stay still!
Josh playing with Brielle at Tyler's football practice
see her hand blurred? that's part of the dance routine, which also includes bopping up and down to her favorite SUPERCHICK CD!

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