Monday, February 16, 2009

30 things about me:

I am cheating...pulled this off of facebook for my blog...changed a few things though.

1. I took violin lessons in 4th and 5th grades.
2. I have lived in 4 states: AR, KS, MO, AR (again), and TN
3. All three of my children were born in different counties.
4. I love grilled cheese, potato chips, and strawberries!
5. Dolphins are my favorite animal.
6. My hobbies change frequently, but when I am “into” something I focus on it wholeheartedly.
7. I hate cleaning bathrooms.
8. The only video game I ever play is Dance Factory.
9. I can’t stand rejection.
10. For my 21st Birthday I got a dolphin tattoo.
11. I used to gasp that women would breastfeed their babies past the 12-month mark. Yet, at 14 months, we are still going strong.
12. It wasn’t until 6 years ago (when I was 26) that I began searching for The Way of Life in the Light.
13. That same year I got my eyebrow pierced, kept it in for almost a year and regret having took it out ever since, despite the ongoing infections. (that has nothing to do with #12 though)
14. I read 2-5 books simultaneously.
15. I never have the time to read anymore, so I rarely get through a book.
16. Softball is my favorite sport. I haven’t played in 14 years, but I did coach baseball three years in a row.
17. I ran a daycare out of my finished basement for five years, then taught preschool for another five.
18. The first and third times I got pregnant occurred while I was trying to work towards a bachelors degree in English, 1st at ASU-MH, then at APSU. I still hope to get a degree…in something…someday.
19. I got my first job at age 15, manually checking out groceries at Ozark Foods. I was paid 3.65 per hour. I never received a pay stub and despite the fact that I worked the same hours every week, my paycheck amount would often fluctuate. I never questioned this.
20. I love to bake. I bake cakes, cookies, and breads. In fact, most of my free time at home lately is spent in my kitchen trying new recipes.
21. A few years ago we discovered that our favorite family activity is CAMPING.
22. I avoid confrontational situations like the plague.
23. I really do clean dirty cloth diapers in the toilet and I wash my hands A LOT!
24. I love libraries and go to ours almost weekly.
25. House plants will generally not survive in my care.
26. I am rarely, if ever, bored.
27. Sometimes the highlight of my day is showering.
28. I am awakened 3-6 times (on average) every night.
29. Skee ball is my favorite carnival game.
30. My oldest child turns 13 next week!

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