Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Amish Cook

Every once in awhile I will come across a book that I can't put down. Mostly those are the incredibly well-written and intense fiction novels by those rare authors who captivate so well. Usually they are not non-fiction. And NEVER have they been a COOKBOOK - of all things! But here I am, toting my library-borrowed cookbook around for two days trying to read it in between chores and child care. I expected to get some good Amish recipes when I checked it out on Friday, but instead I got this autobiography of this Old Order Amish grandmother who I felt was teaching me all about cooking, gardening, and even life. What an eye-opener! And how refreshing too! I know that I gained much new insight into the plain life that I have always admired, but realistically thought was far too much like bondage. There is also a third side, I'd not yet considered which was revealed to me in The Amish Cook. I cried near the end. I also wanted to try almost every recipe in the book just for the fun of it. I look around at all of the "stuff" we have, the technology, the conviences... and I really think "wow" sometimes I am so disconnected with what really matters. And I want to stop and really think about that.
Unfortunately, Elizabeth has passed...but her daughter has picked up where she has gone and it is posted on the web.

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