Thursday, March 5, 2009

Camping List

You may think I am crazy. But I am So ready for Spring!!!! I am so ready that I already have a camping PACKING list, reservations in Indiana, plans to camp in KY, TN, and maybe even AR this summer!!! I also have seeds to plant in my FIRST EVER GARDEN!!!
Don't get me wrong...I am still enjoying the cool fresh air, and even sometimes brisk and cold, but nevertheless refreshing wind on my face in in my lungs. But when I see the chance of buds on trees and birds exercising their vocals I get EXCITED! I am enjoying no bugs, no humidity, and less business right now....
but I'm still writing my packing lists!!
If you're excited, read on and ADD anything you think might help:

water shoes
rain ponchos
outdoor picnic-type blanket
bug spray
citronella candles
long lighter
lighter fluid (just in case)
newspaper to start fire (twigs are usually gathered around campsite)
firewood and ice can be bought at camp store
travel high chair
plastic baggies and a few clothes pins
beach towels - 1 per person (use the same one 4 everything)
line - for towels/clothes
trash bags (2-3)
citronella candles
lantern, flashlights (with new batteries)
tarp (to go under tent)
pack-n-play, crib sheet, blankets
blow-up mattress
pool float for Brielle
sleeping bags, pillows, blankets
swimsuits, hats, a few swim toys, life jacket
1 basketball, 1 volleyball (large orange), 1 wiffle ball and bat
smallest hand pump ever
Frisbee, cards, dice
aluminum foil
cooking spray
can opener
sos pads
1 gallon of water
BBQ spatula and tongs
metal sticks for hotdogs/marshmallows
small pot for boiling water (4 coffee/cocoa, oatmeal)
1 roll of paper towels, 1 roll of toilet paper or box of tissues


Catchim said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I might add a tent to the list.

jenna said...

yeah, I totally blew right past tent, bedding, pillows.

i also didn't go into undergarments or personal hygiene.

hello. obvious.