Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If it grows...

Oh yeah I know I have little faith. But...if you'd killed as many houseplants as I-well, so would you too doubt that your garden could produce something worthy of eating. BUT since I have PEOPLE who know what they are doing, there is some sense of hope within. I may have the faith of a mustard seed, but that means this could be HUGE, right? :)
I'm ready:

This picture was taken when gardening seemed like a fun, easy thing to do. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Try digging, shoveling, digging, and shoveling for HOURS and not even feeling like you'd accomplished much. Ah, well, the first year is probably the hardest, I guess. Next year maybe it will be easier. Here's hoping!

1 comment:

Catchim said...

Oh girl, it will grow! You have done a great job btw. Next year will be easier for sure.