Friday, February 26, 2010

The Snow we had!

We experienced far more snow this winter than we usually do here in Tennessee. Fortunately, my kids, like most kids probably, love playing in it. I guess I didn't get too many pictures of Josh, but he was there and enjoyed just as much of the fun, if not MOST of it! Brielle went down the hill on the sled with me a few times but it was such fresh snow that it flew in her face and she didn't like sledding after that, even when it packed and didn't happen. But, she was very thirsty and so I taught her the "art of eating snow" and she didn't really want to stop!

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The Tripp Family said...

I just read your 'about me' - I WAY overuse parenthesis too!! YAY!!! My brother just sent me a picture of the snow in their backyard in NY... it's taller than his 4 year old!