Friday, May 27, 2011

The Flag Guardian and Princess of the Mulch Pile

Well, we braved it - camping in the rain - and I have to say that we survived! The good news is that not ONE child complained or even noticed that the weather was drab - even saying things such as (and I quote) "This is a great place to go camp!" (I'm not sure any adult agreed on that one) and "This weather? What? It's called camping people!" (another actual quote from a second source). The great thing I think we all agreed on was that it was fun to be out there together - far enough removed from our everyday - and to play games like kickball & volleyball. A little competition didn't hurt us (well.........actually, no - never mind).
Behold: The Flag Guardian and Princess of the Mulch Pile

When we returned the boys finished up their last week of the school year. So fast! I know summer is going to fly by too - and I just can't say how excited I am to spend it with them! I feel as if the days, weeks, months, & years are now fleeting - like we are on some kind of downward slope to them flying the nest. Well, probably because it's true. I want to enjoy this summer with my three children still hanging out (in and around) our family nest. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and frustrated with the chaos, the reminders, the clean ups - that I forget that this is supposed to be enjoyable! This is our family time - a fleeting time - that I hope we all recall with great thoughts,memories, and an overwhelming nostalgia of happiness.
God, help me to remember this throughout each and every day of this summer. Help me to recognize oppurtunities to teach and guide my children and give me the tools and wisdom for each specific moment. I know each child you have given us is uniquely designed by You. Help us to let each be themselves, to encourage them, and to provide them a place where they feel comfortable and can grow.

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Beth G said...

The camping trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing the video you made of it.

I agree about enjoying the summer with the family while it lasts. With my oldest having only one more year of high school I am sad that this will be her last summer being "a kid".

I have a neat book about family summer fun I try to read each spring (didn't do it this year) to give me ideas of ways to enjoy our time together.

The lazy summer days won't last forever. May God give us all we need to relish in them with our families.