Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Follow me through pictures

Definetly a Blue Moment below. Elise's Graduation Party! She received her Masters!!!

Brielle, photography:

Civitan Park:

After a hard-working Blastball! practice:

I couldn't wait until daylight was earlier and the kids were out of school so I could start walking/jogging in the mornings again. LOVE meeting the rising sun each morning!


Along with the boys' and Will's help - I'm coaching Brielle's Blastball team. Ha! SEVEN three year-olds! I totally thought I could handle it fine, and God is showing me, "Not in your own strength!" :) Lovely lesson to relearn, of course. The kids are unique little individuals and I love them all. This is a whole new level of patience, however. Go Rockets!

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