Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekend Camping Trip

We went camping this past weekend. While we were there, I wrote (by hand) as often as I could (about the camping experience). But, I don't have time currently to type all of that in. We are having a slightly difficult week, since we have no air conditioner for the main level of the house and we are doing cubscout camp every day. So I am just going to post the highlights here.

It was HOT at times.

Best thing the kids could have ever wanted to do while camping: ride bikes.

Brielle's first time in a Lake (too bad it wasn't in Arkansas water)...
Josh caught a fish:

Tyler discovered a disabled turtle (his back left leg was not really there). Turns out it made him more cautious than most turtles and he was pretty fiesty!

I was happy most of the time:

Actually, this picture was taken the Friday we got there, and I was pretty happy about being outside. What I didn't know is that the great outdoors would not entertain my sweet baby like I thought it would. I also didn't know that she would dislike the heat that much, or that she would sleep very little, which would cause her to be quite grumpy.
We did enjoy some fairly good meals thanks to some of my new friends at GCM, and we learned how to make campfire donuts! YUMMMMMM!!!!!
There were fierce sets of thunderstorms that roared through our campsite area on the 2nd night we were there and I was certainly reminded of the awesome power of God. I also had a defining revelation while I lay there in amazement and fear. God is so powerful! And He is also so gentle, so loving, so very patient with me.
We were glad we went camping...but I think it may be a while before we get excited about going again.

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