Monday, June 2, 2008

A Community Garden

Disclaimer: I know nothing about actual gardening, whether it be flowers or vegetables. Anyone can tell you that I don't grow things (those poor house plants) that involves soil, water, and sunlight. I am gifted in other areas that involve creativity, maybe, yes. But not gardening. However, I have some very talented friends and God gave them a love for His great earth and His design for it to produce forth edible vegetation. And they are just wild with possibilities!
I am not sure (exactly) how it is going to work, but they are working on a community garden! They are also partnering with another local house church that has already begun a garden also. They are working alongside them to plant, work, and harvest the produce there. Last Saturday (when I was getting my hair cut) the boys were out working with Phil & Tiff on that garden.
Here are some pictures of what has begun out there:

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