Monday, June 9, 2008

The pool

So far. So good. She likes the pool. But that could change, so I am not thrown for a loop. Because the first time we tried infant cereal mixed with breastmilk, she liked it. Then we tried it mixed with formula. She liked it. Then we tried it with breastmilk (literally the third try), she turns red, screams, and acts like it tastes like sour apples.
One of the best advices on baby's schedules, likes, and dislikes was this: "It will change. Girl, just wait, it will change. It's always changing"
It's been great advice because it's kept me flexible. (thanks, Rachel, who also gave me lots of encouragement on breastfeeding in public)
So, maybe Brielle intends to nurse until she leads herself on into solids someday...whatever. Who cares really? She'll tell me, and I'll listen, and we will hopefully live in happiness and not frustration. I don't think I would have neccessarily pursed Attatchment Parenting...but Brielle forces me into it, and I cannot even tell her how grateful I am for that. Thank you God, for giving me instinct to trust You when I personally do not trust even my own mothering instinct sometimes.
By the way, Brielle fell asleep while IN the pool two days in a row already. That is good. But again, it may change (as things seem to do right after I post a blog about them). I'm just staying hopeful, thankful, and aware!

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melonythomas said...

Ok, I learned my lesson once again on just skimming over the words.I thought you were pregnant again and your baby was due in July (its possible, I did the math) But when I went back and read ALL of it, I found out you were just writing about someone else. My bad!!