Saturday, July 12, 2008

get away and pray

last weekend we went on a low-budget family getaway to St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis is a great city and is full of fun free things to do. Subtract the parking costs, and vow not to pay for the “extras,” and you’ve got lots of cheap family fun things to do! and the further one lives from Six Flags, the better coupons can be found. we also found a reasonably priced hotel that wasn’t disappointing.
while all this sounds well and good, and the weekend as a whole went just fine, there was a lot of tension. frustration fed frustration and formed extreme irritability. from little things to big things, everything seemed to be the wrong thing. not exactly how anyone wants even a mini-vacation to go.
when I finally realized that the best memory of the trip I was going to have was the first two-hours of the drive when I actually got some sleep, it hit me that I better start praying! so I prayed all morning for a better second half of the trip, and God was swift! we had a great morning at six flags. then our situation started going downhill…again. And I literally thought, “but God, I already prayed about this! and I praised you when you answered! and oh, God, you are so good!” what? oh! “you want me to keep praying?” Ah! So, I physically and emotionally abandoned the situation I was in, and I ran off under mushrooms of flowing waters to splash with wild abandon into the showers of youth. All while holding a gleefully soaking Brielle who smiled as we explored water, rock, and fountains: and I prayed and prayed more.
Then the most amazing miracle happened, and yes, I mean only about 20 minutes later, I did see this transformation with my own eyes.
It wouldn’t have mattered to me how the outcome went, I felt secure in God’s hands. I trusted Him to allow joy for the moment and work out the rest in His time. I was changed. And then He changed things around me. And I came to remember that it is a matter of where our heart is, what our mind is focused on. The same situations that confronted us were like plagues when viewed in our negative contextual state, and they were viewed as simple, even silly obstacles when we had a different outlook on our lives. when we were transformed. Praise You God!
Anyway, the weekend ended up going well from that point on. Even when things would hit a high point of frustration again, it was easily dissipated, just like a miracle that was continuously working. And I remembered to pray often, and more often. Also, I received several phone calls while on the trip (and upon returning) that were from three people very dear to me, in totally unrelated situations, that were in immediate need of prayers. Which reminded me, that 1) you can’t go on vacation from spiritual warfare 2) getting away and praying sometimes takes on different meanings.

more to come on the latest books I’m reading (yes, all five of them) and some that I’m NOT

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