Monday, July 21, 2008

the trip to Arkansas

Well, we made it safely to Arkansas. I have to say that it was not an average normal trip. Brielle and I rode over with my sister and her son, her nephew was also in the car and we were to take him home, while exchanging and reclaiming her daughter. It was nice not to have to drive. Brielle didn’t do as well as she normally does on road trips; she hardly ate on the stops, so needless to say I was about to burst when we did finally reach our parents’ house. First though, we had to go up through MO to make the kid exchange. The scenery up there was astounding! I’d been through there before but was amazed at what I didn’t remember about the views from the roads through there. The road to Kelly’s in-laws’ place was flooded, so we had take an alternate route. In searching for it, we hear her nephew say, “Aunt Kelly, I don’t feel so good.” With whipping speed, she pulls the car off the road into a unanimous driveway just in time for his turning stomach to tip over. But he didn’t open the door. That’s right. He threw up on his lap, on the floor, on the back of the seat in front of him. “Open the door!” I urged! It happened so fast. He threw up again. “OPEN THE DOOR!” we both yelled. Again, he threw up. There was this dead silence as the door creaked open, and my sister and I knew what lay ahead. We are both the kind of people with the weaker stomach of the few, both who would say, “I can’t do it.” In the end, I felt like my experience and the fact that I was getting a free ride to AR qualified me more than her. So, I cleared the vehicle and used half of a container of wet wipes and a plastic bag to do the job that had my stomach turning for hours afterwards. But it got done. And we proceeded on to discover we had actually gone past the road we should have turned off on, so we went back, then discovered that it was a six mile - 15 minute drive down that dirt road! We finally made it. I had always wanted to drive down one of those endless dirt roads to see where they led. Now my curiosity has been quenched.
We came on to my parents’ house, where I immediately fed Brielle then took a scrubbing shower, ate dinner, and eventually passed out.


eurotodd said...

is that near mountain home? looks familiar...!? thanks for inspiring me to blog on my eu trip. it was worth it!

jenna said...

that is Lake Norfork, Panther Bay area, which is actually Henderson, AR, but locals still consider it Mtn. Home. You probably passed over the bridge right here when you came through. The water was up really high though.