Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Loving this stage/age

This one is for Grandma and PopPop in New Jersey:
This one is for Grandma and PopPop in Arkansas: (she looks like a little bloomin' tulip!)
How she floats:

Lookin' cool at the ;Pool!

The day she outgrew her bassinet and came to sleep with me:


that crazy kid:

how we do diaper changes on the go: (this one at the BMX track in Nashville)

on of my favorite pictures:

Now, what kind of expression is this? I caught this moment while holding my cell phone out and snapping it.

Brielle is just about 7 months 1 week old. And on the grow. I love this stage she is at right now! She so adorable! She can smile, laugh, play, discover, communicate more verbally (ha! she's testing out those vocals for sure!), roll, do yoga!, sit for much longer periods of time, fall more gracefully, grab everything in sight, and laugh laugh laugh. I love it because she is mobile, but not yet so mobile. And while her personality has always been very forthwright, she is now showing signs of having a sense of humor as well, which is too funny! She seems to understand so much. She amazes us every day. Today, she went from laying on her back to sitting up on her own! I didn't actually see her do it, as I was watching her from the kitchen and she was on the living room floor, but no one claimed to have helped her, so she must have done it.
She is also somewhat more predictable for her needs. But not always. Nevertheless, we are having so much of fun with her. She's very much a sensory touch type communitcator. It will be interesting to discover if that is also her learning style
As for Josh & Tyler, who are not pictured quite as much (they are growing rapidly, but not in that cute-baby-sort-of-way), they both finish up their baseball seasons tomorrow night. It has been a good season, very fun and improving for both of them. We've been staying busy with going to the pool, the library programs, and the free summer movies. Then they are off to their granparents' house for a few days. Summer flies by every year.

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