Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Toddler Craft

So, yesterday one of my "ideals" actually happened. I was trying to work on "crafting stuff" and Brielle wanted to get involved so I hooked her up with some crafts. I started simple (glue stick, chip board, and paper) and just showed her what to do. She totally amazed me. She is like a sponge in her brain right now. She's willing to learn anything I will take time to teach her. It's so crazy. I think that the age of TWO is only terrible if you don't provide them with opportunities, because all they want to do is learn. If I remember correctly, this development slows down around age 3 or 4 sometimes (from what I read on child brain development). How accurate that is, I don't know. But we sure stay busy these days! lol

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