Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Deals This Week!

Every once in awhile I am so inclined to post about the great deals that I get on sale with coupons. I get really excited when the savings actually work out! There are lots of times I spend clipping coupons and printing lists only to find that the items are sold out on the shelves (another frugal fanatic got to them before me!). So here is what I bought and what I paid. Disclaimer: I plan to recycle much of the material you see. I'm not a fan of mass consumerism, despite what the items below portray, but when I get items for free (or get paid for taking them) I will do my best to reuse and recycle.
Walgreens: $57.32 worth below - I paid $7.96 and got $9.00 in Register Rewards to spend next week (I also used some RR from last week's on this purchase).

Kroger: $58.34 worth below -- I spent $15.25

Walmart: $34.22 below -- I spent $3.98!

So, if you've added it up I spent $27.19 (price includes taxes) on everything pictured above (which is worth a whopping: $149.88) and saved $122.69!

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Debbie said...

OMG!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! Do you have time to shop for me next week?