Monday, January 10, 2011

Only God

Because I am making an attempt this year to attend any invites that include Brielle (since I am no longer taking her to church preschool) we went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon, knowing that it would cut into my baking time for our house church's once-a-month Network Gathering (where both groups meet together). We left the party a little early, but the monkey bread still took twice as long to bake than it should have. This made us really late. Fortunately, I knew that no one there would condemn or judge us. However, I can't stand to walk in or interrupt something, and I knew we would be doing that. I could hear music playing as the four of us filed down the long driveway in the back of the house through the dark cold. The house lights shown like a beacon of warmth and family.
We tried to sneak in (impossible) and I could see that everyone had papers with lyrics as they were listening to a song. We set down our food and walked around to stand in the back. Brielle and I stood in the hallway where we removed our coats and I fixed her hair, trying to listen to the words of the song. I kept hearing "Yahweh" and "Take this...." Then, the strangest thing happened...I just felt so deeply moved. I'm not even sure how, feeling liked I'd missed what should have been the structure for any kind of deeply moving experience. But there I was-- late-- in the hallway-- and only able to hear 1/3 of the end of a song.

And I was so deeply touched.
Only God.

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Tiff said...


The Spirit of God must have been among us. I was deeply touched during this moment as well even though I've heard the song many times.