Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like a Child

Monday morning I had intended to meet a friend at a coffee shoppe to do a Video Shoot of her and her daughter for a project I am working on. Brielle was excited to meet a new friend her age and dress up in princess attire for a tea party. Needless to say, when the plans fell through, her heart broke and her first meltdown incurred - complete with alligator tears and tantrum cries). I tried to comfort her- to no avail. I knew it was upsetting. What she had thought would happen - wasn't going to. Don't we all hate that? It took her some time to process that our plans were changing and adjust to the new plan (which was go to the park for awhile) but she was okay. When we got to the park (at 8am) there was no one else there and she really wanted me to play with her and be her "friend." So, I played "friend." I had to think and act like a little girl to play the part and let me tell you there was a lot of joyful squealing involved. How much fun children have! They RUN to swings and burst with delight at flying through the air. They climb and jump and hold hands and help each other. They ENJOY being together and playing. It's quite amazing actually, something I know that I easily overpass in lieu of resting on a bench and talking. I forget to play.
Brielle taught me how to cross these rope platforms also, which I could not photograph, because it was a lot harder to do than she makes it look!

We enjoyed a snack atop the tower:

Later that morning she saw the situation redeemed as another friend we were filming in the project offered to host a princess tea party. God has a plan...and though I'm sure he taught Brielle something about Life's Interuptions, he really showed me what it feels to be a child again.

Joyful. Giddy. Enthusiastic. Playful. Loving. Kind. Sweet. Free. Innocent. Beautiful.

And eventually...we dropped the truck off at Will's work and took the bus home.