Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Break 2008

Cheyenne-Brielle-Cherokee: Happy Cousins Together

Fall break went better than I expected. Both of the boys have been on restrictions of some kind for poor performance at school. They are both so smart and when they try and turn their assignments in they do great. It’s when they don’t that they don’t. And they haven’t. So they were on restrictions right through fall break (which generally means no Video gaming devices, Television, or other electronics…oh, and they didn‘t get to go the Grandma & PopPop’s house either). It wasn’t too awful, and this is what we accomplished:
Tyler perfected the pancake.
Josh had a bike wreck.
We walked (they rode bikes) to Aldi one day.
They each wrote a Ghost Story for our local Museum’s contest.
We walked to Walmart another day.

(we stopped at the fish tanks)
With the help of our good friends, Phil and Tim, we started a garden!
We went to the library twice.
We went to CDE’s free event, Community Action Awareness, and a Giant Yard Sale.
My parents were here for a five day, three night stay, broken up.
The tree house became the Fort to Be IN, for free time was spent there.

Tyler the Viking

Josh is thinking about something.

Brielle is sitting on the Little Rock from Arkansas

Downtown Clarksville

Welcoming her PopPop to TN

Aunt Kelly's leaf pile

loves books like mama

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