Sunday, September 7, 2008

Miracle Diapers

For those of you who are keeping track: I applied also at (they do this very cool thing: they send donated cloth diapers to applicants who qualify) and was accepted, but there are no diapers because of lack of donations (you do have to send them back when you are done too). So, they asked us applicants to get the word out to the diaper people! Do the diaper people read my blog??? I don't know! But here is what they said:
In the meantime, you could help us by spreading the word of MiracleDiapers' need. Miracle Diapers is completely dependent on donations from private parties. Through the generous spirit of hundreds of donors we have been able to help cloth diaper over 500 babies in less than 3 years!
However word seems to be spreading of us faster to our applicants than to our donors, and we have depleted our entire stock of diapers and supplies.
Hopefully our shortage will be brief (as we recently had a HUGE donation of diapers that needed minor repairs from a very generous donor and oversewing volunteers are working diligently on those), and we will be able to help you get your little one in cloth diapers before you know it!

AND, my mom also bought liners and Snappis for us! I love you people who read my blog!

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Thanks for the blog post! :)

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