Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My new friends' blogs

I have all of these "ideas" that I want to implement and do and never actually get around to. But lately I've been reading two blogs that inspire me. These ladies actually DO the things they blog about! They motivate me! I hope to one day be able to do some of these great things, but for now I love gleaning their ideas!
The first is my friend Kim, from MOPS. She does CRAZY stuff, like sewing and quilting. She is quite energetic and always has a "project" going on. Not only that, she is HILARIOUS to read. I may not be able to do all of the cool things she does (and yes, she has two preschoolers and a home-based business) but I am sure amused when I read about her adventures in life doing them.

The second blog I received a link to from the House2House email newsletter (designed for simple/house churches). It is written by a lady named April, who I have been communicating with off and on through email as well as reading her blog. She has super GREAT ideas for children's involvement in home church activities and worship. The best part is that these ideas can involve both adults and children and the adults benefit from them just as much as the kiddos do, naturally ;) Check her blog out at:


Planter said...

Hey Jenna,

You ought to share with our group some ideas about the kids thing. Maybe a discusson one night about kids and our group would be healthy. Would you like to facilitate that?

jenna said...

Sure, I would love to do that. November would give me time to prepare. Good idea!

The Tripp Family said...

thanks Jenna! I thought I had added you to my google reader, but obvs not since I just got back to your blog just now. I have some catching up to do on reading yours. Craig gets home tonight and the kiddies aren't sick so I should have plenty of time :) can't wait to check out that picture of Brielle standing in the dishwasher!