Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Life Today

This morning I went out to walk/jog at 6am. This is the scenery that greeted me:

I walked 3/4 of a mile, then jogged a full mile straight. That's the most I've ever jogged at one time. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best thing for my shin splints, and I didn't find that out until I returned home.
I was amazed by this beautiful SUNRISE! Isn't it just Glorious?

After my jog, I came home and spent too much time on my computer, while drinking my favorite coffee. Then we got it together and went on a bike ride. About a mile past our house we found these cute horses. Well, I'm not sure if they are ponies or miniature horses. Either way, they were cool! We rode on to Aldi:
$6.00 even for everything in my bike basket:

After Aldi we rode the bike over the bank. I rode it right up to the drive through (yes, I did!) to cash a check. It just seemed more logical than unpacking Brielle & the basket to go inside to do business. I didn't know what the teller would say, but she said, "Great day for a bike ride, isn't it?" Then we rode over to Walmart to get lunch meat, then home. I'd say we covered at least three miles on the bike. Below is Brielle at Tyler's dentist appt. (no cavities! yah!). She has to have the dinosaurs with the trucks because that is what makes them "Monster Trucks!" LOL!

Now today the plan was for us to ride our bike to Brielle's new preschool (more like a Parents' Day Out program) and turn in the paperwork. She was up all night last night, so I'm trying to get motivated. The weather just seems to irresistible though!
I was inspired to sort of "picture document" my day like this because of this blog: Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. LOVE IT!!!!


Amy Allison said...

Hey Jenna! Great blog! I love that you ride the bike to your destinations. Your daughter is precious!

jenna said...

Thanks Amy! and thanks for reading!

sharon jimenez said...

I love reading about you and our family.It always brings a smile.

Holly Bailey said... make me smile!