Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Summer!

I can’t believe this summer is nearly over!
Well, not exactly the “summer” but summer break from school. Summer weather, as we know it here in Middle Tennessee, could continue for another two to three months! Lately I have taken to waking at the sweet time of 5:45am and going on a power walk. I'm pushing myself and jogging off an on throughout the 2 miles and I love it! My only regret is not having done this years ago! To the right is a picture I snapped with my phone as my walk was just begining. I thought to myself, "I would not be seeing this glorious morning if I hadn't just gotten out of bed!" Somedays are more challenging than others, because Brielle still gets up 1-10 times a night....but it's just invigorating to go, and a ton cooler that time of day!
The boys will start school tomorrow. Josh, on to high school. Tyler, to middle school. Brielle, home with mommy, on to all of our daily activities. Many parents express concerns about their children getting enough socialization. I worry about this about....0% for Brielle.
As for this past summer, it was our first time in probably 7 years in (out of the 14 we’ve lived in Clarksville) that we did not get a pool pass. It turned out that this summer was a consistent 10 degrees hotter on a daily basis than last year. It was all fine though. We went during the ½ off times and took 3 or 4 trips to Tiebreakers during their ½ off hours of the day. We also went bowling (for almost free) all summer, and really all of that has given us opportunities to be well-rounded. Brielle loved everything about summer. As often as she could, she would run to the back yard to swing or jump on the trampoline. She has never once complained of the heat or mosquitos. Every evening she likes to ride her bike around the block. She loved anything water and put her all into whatever the idea was (especially if there were older children showing her "how to"). Just yesterday, she was insanely diving onto the slip-n-slid! Daring girl!
Next year, I plan to sign up Tyler for acting classes at the Roxy. I’ve always wanted to, but never wanted to make the time commitment. I’m going to have to force myself next year though, because he is just too much of a character to hold back. Josh has spent most of his summer playing basket ball in his free time. He made a few friends at the basketball camp through his high school and they have been playing quite a bit in front of the house. It’s very hot, so the fact that they still go out there impresses me.
We had a great time at the Myrtle Beach. Our hotel really was only $31 a night (insane, I know). It was small and faced the city, but really it wasn’t bad. We had many great days at the beach and we all loved it. We were blessed to have family & friends that met us down there. Those were great times! The hotel (Westgate) was clean and friendly and even though it was right in the heart of downtown MB, we didn’t feel overwhelmed most of the time. However, maybe our next vacation will be on a more secluded beach…on a less inhabited island?
I like my parents’ idea of driving to Colorado too!
We made two trip to Arkansas after we came back from South Carolina. The first was pre-planned and we went there to visit. My dad’s brother and sister had passed away while we were in SC. The following weekend we went back to AR for my uncle’s memorial service.
Arkansas is so beautiful this time of year. I’ll post some of the pictures I took while there.
We are playing softball again this season. I refer to it as the most fun/frustrating thing that Will and I are doing together right now. But, hey! We haven’t started on our kitchen floors yet!
Have a great rest of the "summer"!!!!!!!!!!!!

(to the left: the kids on the country dirt road that my parents live down in Arkansas)

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