Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I Like Public Transportation

There was once a time when I really thought it was a strange idea to take the bus anywhere, especially when you own a car! I don't know if I thought it was beneath me or what, but I'm ashamed. And slowly, I am coming to love all of the benefits of public transportation (and YES, there are many! -well, seven as of right now).

#1 It has not yet lost its appeal to Brielle. Being the social butterfly that she is - she loves the walk outside to the bus and being on the bus with other people - fully able to look out her window at the world around her.

#2 The bus costs $3.00 round trip and $3.50 to ride all day. There is no way I can compete with that in gas prices they way they are now, with my current gas-guzzler (which we have owned for nine years). A trip to anywhere - downtown - or Wilma Rudolph - is $3.50 round trip in the Durango (and considering I have to take him to work and return to pick up if I want the vehicle for the day --- it begins to really add up).

We meet new people every time we ride the bus. And just last week we got on and Brielle's former preschool teacher was riding on the same bus! So, you just never know! Also, last week we met someone on her way to a job interview and was able to encourage her as she was stepping off the bus at the location. We are also getting to know the various bus drivers and most are super-friendly and helpful.

Above: Brielle walking home from the bus dropping us off.

#3 We get outside. We are walking - and paying attention to the weather, our neighborhood, and God. We are aware of Him in that time.

#4 We learn preparation and packing lightly for taking the bus.

#5 We learn patience by waiting for the bus.

#6 We feel a connection to others who are on the bus just as we are, trying to go someplace too.

#7 It goes without saying, but taking the bus is environmentally responsible. The bus is traveling its route anyway and we are all just carpooling together on it.
So, what do you think? Could you do it? Or have you already?

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Beth G said...

It has been over 20 years since I have ridden on a city bus. Since we moved here in 2002 I have said it would be neat to take a tour of the city by bus, but we've never done that before.

It is great to hear about you bus adventures with such enthusiasm.

I would like to think that if I had to take the bus, I would (even if it meant taking all the little ones with me). But choosing to do so at this stage in my family life would require a lot of planning. :-)