Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back on FB

No, I didn't cave.
I've been feeling & knowing for awhile now that I could probably reopen my FB account. With limits. Limits. Whew, those are hard. I mean, I just barely opened my account and already wanted to talk to everyone and look at all of their family pictures and post all of mine and........... lah lah lah, oh wow.......... have I been lingering on FB for an hour already? No way, I was only going to spend like 10 minutes. OKay, I cut myself some 'coming back' slack and justified it that long distance family & friends want to see updated pictures of cute & growing kiddos. But after all of this reconnecting is done, then enough! :) lol
12 minutes a day, four days a week. I know me - and my tendencies - and I need boundaries! Thank you God for giving us good and wonderful things - and thank you that while they are not 'off limits' -they never beneficial when over indulging in them.


Jenny D. said...

So glad you're back! Everything in moderation, friend! :)

Beth G. said...

Ok, I must admit I was surprised by this. You inspired me to use FB less (almost never) and it has made things much better for me.

I am glad your break from FB was refreshing and I hope you find the level of moderation you are seeking.

jenna said...

Beth, I knew this would surprise you. I don't know how long I'll be on FB. If I feel it is interupting my life (and it may) then I'll have to leave again. That would show just how little self control I have, I suppose, but it is better than spending too much time there. The same goes for our cable tv. I loathe the thought of it coming back on - because no one moderates it well! But there is an antenna being mounted to the side of our house. I have a feeling that Will and I will be holding each other accountable for the excess. If not - we cut it back off.