Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Joy of Less = Minimalism

So, I know I mentioned before that I was reading "the joy of less," which I lost, though thankfully was loaned. ...Because the journey into freeing myself of "stuff" has been -so far- amazing!!!

I made a plan with the plates, bowls, & cups. Their days are numbered. I did keep some of these things. I committed at Goodwill last Wednesday- when I decided to color-code my family's in-home dining experiences. Hmmmm? What does that mean? Well, I had this crazy idea

that each member of our household have ONE cup, ONE bowl, and yes, ONE plate.

Would it work? Well, these photos are now 1 1/2 weeks old and I'm just now getting around to putting them out here, so that allows me to tell you that YES, it does! I have not even needed to use the dishwasher since I did this. Yes, there are times when it's a little inconvenient to wash a bowl or plate or cup - but C'mon! It's not like we have to walk a half mile to the village well to get the water! So---so far so good. If you are a potential future dinner guest - have no fear - I have saved a special set just for you. But I will not be telling anyone else where that is just yet!

Here's to less "stuff" and more freedom.


Beth G said...

I applaud your efforts to have a tidy and more efficient household. Less clutter = less cleaning = more time for other things.

Your pictures were very inspiring and reminded me of my overflowing mass of plastic food containers (too many tops; where do they go?).

Our family was without a working dishwasher for about 18 months. I thought that buying a new one would make dish-washing easier (rise and put in machine). But I have actually found that we use more dishes than before.

Sounds like your system works great for your family.

Beth G said...

PS. I hope you will post other ways in which this book has changed your home-life. I always love looking at before and after pictures.