Monday, April 7, 2008

All of my many blogs below

Confession: I blog a lot now. Now that I’ve discovered how much I actually like it, and how it really does provide a creative outlet for me to you. I blog a lot. The problem is that I don’t have internet connection. So I can’t get my blogs out as fast as I type them on my trusty here laptop. So, I am posting older blogs, which you will read below. And…of course I couldn’t leave out re-posting Brielle’s birth story over here too. I hope you’ll take note that the following posts were written at different times, in different places of my life.

And...because Brielle has been so very gracious today (as I've promised her that we shall now go for a walk on this beautiful day!) I've added pictures to the following blogs that were taken around, if not exactly ON, the day that I typed out the blog.

Also, here are some very recent ones of her in her favorite place to be; Brielle and I LOVE this sling from !!!

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