Thursday, April 17, 2008

My little snooze button

Brielle has been sick the past five days. Just a common cold, I suppose, but for our already finicky, feisty, and demanding little girl: well, this has only magnified it all. I feel so bad for her little nose, which is constantly draining while she’s awake, and her throat and of the congestion that sounds so clogged up. Her watery eyes, red cheeks, and her irritated nose all look pitiful. Not to mention her fussiness because of her inability to take her PACIE. And I have to suction her nose before she eats (which has to be done while she’s sitting up). I could go on and on…which I never intended to do.
What I meant to tell you about was our sleep patterns lately. I think she is getting up frequently because of all of this congestion and she’s even starting coughing, which may wake her. Well, the night before last I think she woke up about 7 times. It seemed that every time my head hit the pillow and I really started to doze (sometimes I’d actually sleep a while of course) she’d wake up! It felt just like hitting the snooze button all night long!!!! Therefore, I have dubbed her “my little snooze button” this week. Even despite all of that, she still took three very short naps all day yesterday. Then last night (thinking she’d REALLY sleep now) she was up every two hours. Strange as it may sound, that was actually nice! Ahhhhh…..I try not to think of babies who sleep through the night at this stage of the game! Brielle does very little “by the book.” I have to search the “special sections” sometimes. That’s okay, I just love her for all of her uniqueness and all she teaches me about motherhood.
(Brielle reaching for coffee after a restless night's sleep.)

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