Monday, April 7, 2008

Thank you for Breastfeeding!

Thank you for Breastfeeding!
Determined to breastfeed, I thought it would be far easier than it began. Then I thought it would naturally get easier. Then I realized that this was the way it was, in part due to the nature of my baby. Through the past few months, when I’ve been discouraged, I’ve sought images in my mind of all the women I’ve seen breastfeed their babies, or have talked or written about it. This has inspired and continuously motivated me on our own breastfeeding journey. So…I just wanted to thank those women here!
Thank you Holly for breastfeeding Isaac when you came to visit. Thank you Jamie, who used to live in Springfield, TN, for breastfeeding your toddler. (Both of these women I met online years ago.) Thank you Tammy, my cousin, for nursing your three children, including twins. Thank you Stephanie for breastfeeding your toddler and Lisa for nursing your baby (both of these women did so at our church’s life groups a few years back). Thank you Alicia for breastfeeding your babies (a daughter, then twins-an image that always inspired me.) Thank you to the lady on the pool deck at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, for nursing your baby right beside the pool under a towel. Thank you Kelly for nursing Dustri as a baby and through her toddlerhood. Thank you for giving me so much support about it. Thank you Rachel for nursing Hays and now Trice and for giving encouragement to me during this time. Thank you to the lady who breastfed at the park during the military picnic. Thank you to all women who support women who breastfeed and all the women who do it!
These are all of the women that I’ve actually seen breastfeed or talked to about breastfeeding specifically up until now. Which is crazy that I can remember them all, isn’t it? I guess it’s because I DO it so much that I think about it a lot, and I’ve really needed encouragement about it, since I have such a high-need baby. I wish there were more women on my list now that I look at it…but I’m really just grateful for the women that I‘ve remembered that have breastfed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Catchim said...

Pretty cool how these ladies have encouraged you and some even unknowingly!