Thursday, April 17, 2008

Julie is Back!!!

Julie is Back!!!
Julie has been gone for four months. She works for the Red Cross and has been on deployment in Iraq. She is one of my good friends, as well as a beloved sister in Christ. When she left for Iraq, she had her household goods moved into storage and the last I’d heard from her (we had communicated via email while she was in Iraq) she was returning to her home state upon arrival into the U.S. Then, she wasn’t sure where the Red Cross was going to send her. Well…I didn’t even know really if she’d made it safely back to America!
So………you can imagine my surprise when I go for coffee with the girls on Girls’ Night Out and there sit Julie and Tiffany: casually chatting over a few brews.
“JULIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!” I exclaimed, “I thought I may never see you again and HERE you ARE!!!”
I love surprises! Well, good ones like this! Another good surprise is that she is going to be living here for a while too! Apparently she was back to work those necessary things out, but returned to her home state, Iowa, and now she is back to soon return to work. I’m very excited because she adds so much laughter and spice to my life, and such a serious and insightful presence to our church group gatherings.
So, here’s to Julie and her return! And a big thanks for what she did in Iraq to help support our women and men there!

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