Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Solid

Brielle had her first experience with a solid food today. It was soooooooooo messy. I mixed infant rice cereal (free sample packet from Beechnut) with a few ounces of fresh breast milk that I had pumped just for the occasion. I thought it was totally in vain while I was mixing and mixing to get the right consistency. I didn’t think she would eat it. But it wasn’t. She ate it like a she liked it. Let me say it was a complete difference to first-time-feed an almost 6-month-old baby than it is to introduce cereal to a four or five month old baby (as I did with the her older brothers). I was really fine with delaying solids for as long as Brielle was uninterested. But…she seemed pretty interested. At this point I still do not plan to buy baby food jars though. But I suppose that the cereal we receive from W.I.C. won’t hurt (mixed with mommy's milk). I am really interested in finding out more about baby-led solids and experimental feedings that involve exploration! FUN! I think Brielle will think so too..Until then...I'm not really concerned with feeding her solids that much over the next few months.

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