Friday, September 19, 2008

Ode to my mom

How did you do it, I wonder each day?
those hundreds of diapers you washed
Always checking for a wet one
pulling down plastic pants
and poking diaper pins-
I remember how you held them in your mouth
while you changed the diaper
How did you do it through three children?
I remember the diaper soaking in the toilet
when I, just 7, had to use it !emergency! right then
you came in and dunked and swished
while I held my hand over my mouth and nose
And you- you say it was just the norm
just what you did.
Cloth diapering seems such a hard task-
for those of us spoiled with disposable paper.
But I'm sure my bum appreciated it then--
and I've certainly developed a level of appreciation for
your cloth diapering three little bums
and the work it involved.
No wonder we were potty-trained early!
Might I add that I recently recalled that you also
made our CLOTHES!
You GO Mom!!!

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