Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, in my relationship to the new bread machine: I 80% love the smell of the rising and baking bread, 15% love to try new recipes in it, and 5% love to eat it! At least the rest of my family likes to eat it. I am so far only having great luck on the ExpressBake and Dough cycles. I found a great recipe for Hoagies and Pizza Crust. Will and the boys seem to love all of it. Brielle and I enjoy watching the bread maker do all of the kneading for us!

I realized yesterday that I have a hard time throwing out old calendars. So much is written on them of our lives! We certainly fill up those little boxes with a lot! I feel like I’m throwing away a recording of some kind, like a journal I wrote in or something. But it doesn’t matter. Because, alas! There is a new blank calendar hanging in its place, full of beautiful pictures of beaches, with little boxes just waiting to be filled.
Here’s to the New Year of 2009!

Also…I am reading this incredibly great book (when I can) entitled, The Shack. Read it if you haven’t! There are many new eye-opening perspectives within and I feel it is definitely deserving of anyone’s time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna,
This is not really a comment on the current post. I read your April 08 post where you describe your battles with colic , breasfeeding and seborrhea. My baby boy is 31/2 months old and has very bad seborrhea on his cheeks. My question was when and how did your baby's seborrheic dermatitis clear up completely
Desparate mom.