Wednesday, November 11, 2009

23 Days of Christmas

I feel like I just really need to post this. I have made a commitment for the month of December, but I feel myself talking myself out of it, due to the craziness of the approaching holidays. Not that anything has gotten crazy YET, I just feel it coming on. But I don't want it just to be like should be about giving. Which is what I decided a month ago, when I felt God lay it on my heart to bless my neighbors this holiday season. Therefore, I have decided to give each of my neighbors a baked good each day in December. I have 23 neighbors, so I am starting the 1st and going through the 23. The 24th I will be busy cooking for my family. I'll let you all know how it goes, but I truly encourage you to do something similar. Maybe baking for just a few neighbors? Or, maybe God will call you to something entirely different, but just remember it's about the JOY of giving (or so I am reminding myself) not being overwhelmed by it!

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