Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Brielle!

Today is Brielle's 2nd Birthday! What an amazing adventure these past two years have been, full of so many joys, surprises, and many testimonies to the grace and glory of God!
Our beautiful princess shines everyday and reminds us constantly how God's plans are so perfect, so much greater than our own! Every single day Will and I probably have at least one thought like, "would we ever have thought??" When we see our daughter sing and dance, chase after her brothers, or lavish us all with her hugs and kisses, we have to wonder how we could have ever imagined something so great. Many couples who have their last child say, "now we feel complete." I'm fairly certain we felt "complete" before Brielle came. Now we feel ABUNDANTLY BLESSED!
Thank you God for Brielle's life! Thank you for the person she is and that we are able to learn something new about her every day. Thank you for all she is teaching us!
Happy 2nd Birthday Brielle Jenae Jimenez!!!

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