Monday, December 13, 2010

Give Grace

There are lots of things you can give people this time of year. Presents of all kinds, from all over the world, wrapped in cute paper, bags, with ribbons & bows. Handmade. Store bought. Online ordered. You name it, you can probably give that special gift to the person(s) you love.
I've already said how I feel about this whole shopping extravaganza thing. I'm not going to deny picking up some well-thought out deals or making special gifts for those in my life.
But what I've been noticing lately is that in my life, my everyday life, I make a lot of mistakes. Errors. Wrong turns. And what I'd like more than anything is just a little grace extended to me. Like a gift. Just a little grace gift.
Then I begin to notice all of the people around me. They make some mistakes too. I err on the side of my own frustration, yet know that they too, would like a little grace.
Everyone needs grace. When you have been given grace, it becomes easier and more understandable to give it. We have all been given grace, because while we were still sinners Christ died for us. That is LOVE. Born into this world a precious holy child, that child became a man who taught us how to live, and how to extend grace to one another. He healed. He fed. He showed. He gave. He did a million things more. And every day He still does.
If we were all to just give a little grace to each other this month, when the oppurtunity arises, then we begin to live more. We share. We grow. We show that we believe.
Give the gift of grace. Even in the small things. It's what I desire to give and what I would love more than anything to receive. And I feel confident saying that God desires it too.
So, what does it look like? Well, from the lyrics of 33 Miles:
It's a little bit of hope and sweet redemption
Maybe taking time to stop and listen
Just being there show someone that you care
It's living a life with your hands wide open
Giving all you got to a heart that is broken
For heaven's sake whatever it takes
If you wanna know what grace looks like
Let love open up your eyes
It's not that far away
You might be amazed

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