Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!!!

15 years ago on this day Joshua Aaron Jimenez was born into this world. He arrived a full week past his "due date" and after 2 days of labor (the first day was barely recognizable). Around 3am on February 24th, 1996, I woke Will up and my mom was there too, and we all went to Blanchfield Army Community Hospital on Ft. Campbell, KY and there we waited for a "labor" room. We got one around 9am? and while I lay there on my back in labor all day ( what did I know then?) I cried and threw up and waited for something to happen to relieve the agony I was in. I pleaded for a c-section. Will vowed we'd never do this again. Then, around 6pm they wheeled me into the "delivery room" and at 6:13pm Joshua was born. And he was beautiful.

Turned out that Joshua was an easy baby and laid back and relaxed. He continues to be that way even now. He is laid back, easy going, and all-around a great guy (except don't ask his brother).

Seeing him grow (in height - he is is now 5'11") and into the man he is becoming is nothing less than a miracle before our eyes.

Raising a first child is so incredibly challenging, who knows what is right or what will help or hurt? Do we go with our instinct? Do we push or let go? Do we guide and instruct or let the processes occur naturally? We know it is a little of everything, but we don't trust ourselves.

So today I am praying:
God, take this child, this boy, this man that you have given us and grow Your Spirit within him. Help us to enjoy every moment of his wonderful character and show us when to guide him through the tough times of life's opposition. Help us to prepare him for what You have in store for him. May he always feel safe and secure in You and may he feel comfortable coming to us for any help he might need in navigating through his life. Help us to point him to You. Surround him with people who are of good character, full of integrity and wisdom, and who love You too. May he always continue to have a heart for those who are outcast or opressed, and may he act on it, instead of acting against it. Give him guidance for life God, so that he does not have to worry about what the future holds for him. Teach him discipline and contentment and virtue.
Thank you God for the past fifteen years with Josh.
Thank you just for Josh.
And thank You for every day of our future with Josh as we go together into many upcoming seasons that are unknown to us. Thank You for going before us and coming with us.

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