Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Day!!

This is the first time that we recall getting this much snow in Clarksville, TN in years!!!!!!!!! It must have been 6 inches deep! We were excited to say the least. We bundled up and headed out to the best spot. Many of our friends and family joined us there and we had a great time sledding, snowboarding, racing, and just being silly! Brielle and I hung out watching, taking videos, and snapping pictures. She was bundled up like a little Eskimo baby and was attached to me via the pouch sling (for all 2 1/2 hours!) out there. I went down at the very end of our time there and the landing jerked my head so hard that it caused me to bite down on my tongue. Painful and bloody, yes. But the ride down did make it worth it. Everyone else seemed to be extremely sore from their encounters with the snow hill too. But they didn't complain too much, because I think it was worth it for them too.

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